Murder In Progress: Shocking Elevator Prank Records People’s Reactions (Video)


Just think for a minute. What would you do if it’s just another average day and you were trying to get on an elevator but inside you see a man fatally attacking another person? What would be your reaction?

Two pranksters decided to record the reactions of different people who were trying to get on an elevator in New York City. The prank video has been posted on the YouTube account entitled ‘BeatriceRevenge’ and features two men engaged in a fatal fight. Later several people try to get on the life and that is when their reactions were recorded by the hidden cameras inside the elevator.

Some gave the most natural reaction, that is, they ran away, probably got scared for their own lives. Later came up clips of people who actually wanted to save the man being murdered- one tried to stop the attacker while the other one called the police for help. Some of the reactions were really hilarious as you’ll see when you watch the video. Of course it mustn’t have been funny for them then!

Later in the video it is revealed that this prank, besides being an experiment, was a also publicity stunt for the upcoming neo-noir thriller crime film ‘Dead Man Down’ starring Colin Farrell.

Watch the video above and ask yourself, what would your reaction be if you walked in on a murder?

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