Young Artist Recreates Superheroes In Muslim Fashion

These superheroes needed some awesome hijab powers!

Artist Nour Saleh identifies herself as a “Muslim girl who wears the hijab and prefers to wear long/loose things that go below the butt.” As part of Tumblr’s Draw Yourself Challenge, she came out with comic drawings of famous superheroes – and they truly are a remarkable set of self-portraits that say a lot.

The 17-year-old said that "a lot of people told me they felt it had great meaning, which I had not considered when I was drawing them, and that it apparently inspired them. It was just interesting because when I drew them I had nothing in mind, and people told me they thought it had good representation."

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Muslim characters are becoming quite integrated into the comic world. In 2011, Craig Thompson's  graphic novel, Habibi, a love story that comments on cultural aspects of the Arab world, was published. Superhanallah - An American Muslim Webcomic, is funny enough to have more than 7,000 fans on Facebook. As of last year, the Marvel universe included a Muslim character in the new Ms. Marvel, Pakistani-American teenager Kamala Khan. And earlier this year, images of Bloody Nasreen, a female anti-hero and a creation of Shahan Zaidi, were released to be used in a Pakistani graphic novel.

Take a look at some of her wonderful art work here:

Black widow, with an orange hijab.

How wonderful is Wonder Woman? 

These Asgardian Gods already have their own head-gear but it’s still pretty cool. 

Spidey’s spandex needed somHijab swag. 

She even recreated some scenes from The Avengers.

Oh Tony... 

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Furthermore, she inspired another artist to expand outside of the Marvel universe:

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