Australians Rescue Islamophobia Victims In New Social Experiment

Instead of supporting one of their own, Australians side with Muslim victims of Islamophobia.

When a man started harassing a Muslim woman and a child on the streets of Sydney, Australia for their Islamic attire, he was expecting his fellow Aussies to join him. Instead, the bigot was shocked that the people of Australia showed no signs of Islamophobia and sided with the innocent victims whom he was picking on for their faith.

The antagonist first targets a Burqa wearing woman and tells her how inappropriate it is that she dresses up in the clothing of terrorists. He then does the same to a 10-year-old kid who was also clad in traditional Islamic clothing. He even snatches their bags to check for any suspicious things before random Aussies intervene and rescue them from the painful ordeal.

The video is part of a social experiment conducted by the students of Macquarie University who wanted to see how ordinary Australians react in prejudiced social attacks on Muslims.

While Islamophobia has been observed in Australian media as well as politics, the social experiment above proves that the general public Down Under doesn’t hold any such sentiments against their peaceful Muslim community.

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