Muslim Marine Delivers Flawless Response To Trump’s Insanity

This Muslim man who served in the U.S. Marines just perfectly rebutted Trump.

donald trump

Donald Trump has made a multitude of outrageously offensive comments within the last few days, basically arguing that he wants to track all Muslims on a mandatory database and make them carry ID cards. Unfortunately for him, a Muslim Marine sergeant just shut him down in the most satisfying way on Twitter.

 Sergeant Tayyib Rashid wrote “Hey @realDonaldTrump, I'm an American Muslim and I carry a special ID badge. Where's yours? #SemperFi #USMC,” accompanied with a picture of his military ID.

His response has gone viral, eliciting thousands of supportive and delighted tweets.

Trump deferred his own draft for the Vietnam War four times due to his status as a college student, after which he was told he was “medically unfit” for duty.

Rashid served from 1997 to 2002 and possesses the Twitter handle @ProudAmericanMuslim, demonstrating that being a proud American and being a Muslim are not mutually exclusive, as so many seem to think. 

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @ProudAmericanMuslim

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