Revolution-Torn Libya Shows Its Positive Side

June 11, 2014: This trending Twitter hashtag shows how Libya is a beautiful country.

The image above is what usually comes to mind when one hears the names of countries such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya in the news.

Terms like protests, revolution, dictatorship, strikes, deaths, child marriages, lack of women’s rights, army and terrorism are commonly associated with these countries lying inside or near the Middle East.

But the Libyans are proving otherwise. They have actively come together online to prove that there is much more to their homeland than just militancy and bomb blasts.

Almost three years after ousting tyrant Col. Muammar Gaddafi - who ruled for more than four decades - Libya remains unstable as far as local politics and security situation of the state is concerned. Proliferation of arms, Islamic insurgency, sectarian violence and lawlessness remain huge problems in the aftermath of the Arab Spring – a revolutionary wave of demonstrations, protests and civil wars in the Arab world that began in December 2010.

It all started when a Libyan student decided to change this pessimistic perception of her country on Tuesday morning.

A 21-year-old Khadija Ali tweeted, “Since there is so much negativity and pessimism about the situation in Libya, I think it's about time we start a new hashtag #MyLibya.”

Her people responded to her initiative, posting photos of their day-to-day life activities, hobbies, aspirations, and frustrations.

There have reportedly been more than 2,500 tweets using the hashtag since Khadija’s post.

Have a look at the other side of Libya in the images below:

Did you think these parades only happened in the West?

Libya can tingle your taste buds:

Libyans are not just aggressive fighters:

They have regular family gatherings too:

Libya stands strong because of its people:

Finally, meet this beautiful country:

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