Mysterious Discarded Christmas Card Is Stirring Controversy Online

Someone see if Jonathan Taylor Thomas is still working because the story of this mysterious discarded Christmas card has to become a straight to TV movie ASAP.

Here’s a story that sounds like it could have been plucked straight from the latest terrible, terrible ABC Family Christmas movie.

Redditor burritobattelfield was riding on a train in Melbourne, Australia when something on the floor caught his eye. Seemingly tossed aside on his train were the discarded and torn apart remnants of an anonymous Christmas note.

The Redditor was able to find all the pieces and assemble them with a skill that would put any grandmother to shame. Once completed the letter looked like this.

anonymous christmas note, christmas note 2015

The handwriting is a bit hard to decipher so check out the transcript below in order to get the full effect. The letter says:

Have a happy Christmas. P.S. Stop drinking, get help from someone. Bad things happen to good people sometimes, but how you react to these things is what defines you. You always have a choice, there are better things ahead for you, but it's in your hands, it's your responsibility.

The post rose to Reddit’s vaunted front page (which means it received enough positive “upvotes” from the community to merit such an accolade), however, not all of the reactions were particularly supportive.

Haters To The Left 

Stories like this are traditionally greeted with a healthy dose of cynicism on Reddit and user MicMac65 wrote a comment to express his skepticism saying, “I think this is fake. If you care about someone this much you would, at least, sign the card.”

Despite the haters, burritobattelfield maintains that the letter is genuine and he even went so far as to upload a picture of his own handwriting in order to discredit the rumor that he wrote it himself. 

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Banner Image: burritobattelfield on Imgur

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