Mystery Woman Drops Off $200,000 Computer at Recycling Plant

A woman unknowingly dropped off an old computer worth $200,000 to a recycling plant.

Woman Who Dropped Off a $200,000 Apple Computer

WANTED: Woman Who Dropped Off a $200,000 Apple Computer

A South Bay recycling plant was recently given an incredible treasure masquerading as trash – an old Apple-1 computer from 1976, worth $200,000. According to San Jose Mercury News, it is “one of only about 200 first-generation desktop computers put together by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne in 1976.” This collectible item was dropped off by a woman who left no contact information and was apparently unaware of the value of her donation.

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The firm's vice president, Victor Gichun, says that the woman told him that her husband had died a few months earlier and she wanted some old electronics out of her garage. Apparently, she was a little too hasty in getting rid of them. Since the recycling firm had no way of tracking down the woman, they sold the computer and are looking to find her so that they can rightfully give her the 50% she is entitled to, as per the donation terms.

Much more valuable than a glass slipper, this amount of money is bound to make the “mystery woman” show herself any day now. But she better hurry, before an evil stepsister tries to steal her prize.

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