250K Snakes In A Pile Will Either Hypnotize You Or Send You Running

You've never seen a 'carpet' quite like a quarter-million garter snake carpet.

If a slithery, tongue-flicking snake gives you the heebie-jeebies, just picture what thousands upon thousands of snakes wriggly over each other in a pulsing reptile pile would do. Send many running for the hills, no doubt.

Welcome to the Narcisse Snake Pits in Canada, aka the worst vacation ever for an ophidiophobe.

The pits are exactly as advertised -- pits of tens of thousands of red garter snakes whose mating dance is surreal to watch.

But watch people do. Manitoba embraces its snake overlords and has made a tourist attraction out of the pits, which may hold a quarter-million of the garters. 

You've never really seen snakes until you've seen a snake carpet: 


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