U.S. Astronaut Plays Bagpipes In Space For The First Time Ever

The astronaut played "Amazing Grace" on Scottish-made bagpipes to recognize a research scientist who died unexpectedly in October.

In what is believed to be the first ever musical performance of its kind in space, an astronaut played bagpipes aboard the International Space Station to honor a deceased colleague.

American astronaut Kjell Lindgren played "Amazing Grace" to pay tribute to scientist Victor Hurst, who worked as a research scientist and instructor. He died unexpectedly in October at age 48.

“He always had a quick smile, a kind word,” Lindgren told the BBC. “I don’t know if anyone was more enthusiastic and professional about being involved in human space flight.”

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Lindgren reportedly contacted Scottish company McCallum Bagpipes two years ago to find out if he could play them during his stay on the ISS.

"They're made of plastic — they're just easier to keep clean and to make sure they're not contaminated. They're also lighter,” stated Kenny MacLeod, who works for McCallum Bagpipes.

"The thing about bagpipes is that they're very difficult to play at high altitude because the air is that bit thinner. They're quite hard to blow so he's done well."

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You can watch Lindgren’s mesmerizing performance in the video above.

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