Celebrate National Dog Day With These Awesome Pooches

Happy National Dog Day! They're our four-legged friends, our canine companions, our poochy pals. August 26 is National Dog Day and it seems only fitting to celebrate our beloved dogs.

The editors at Carbonated as dog fans as much as the next person and we've posted plenty of dog-loving antics. Here are 7 of our favorites as our ode to National Dog Day:

1. 7 Pictures Proving That Dogs Hate Taking A Bath

Some pups just can't abide by a bath. Check out this wet guy and six of his friends mid-scrub


2. Your Dog Is Even Smarter Than You Thought

Let's face it, we love our pups even when they run headfirst into walls or chase their tail for hours. But don't dismiss that behavior as dumb; check out what your dog's behaviors may mean -- even the deeper significance of humping.


3. Every Dog Has His Day In Court, In New Jersey

You have a right to be tried by a jury of your peers. That apparently includes German shepherds in New Jersey


4. Man Rescues Dog – What The Canine Does Next Is Incredible

Dogs reward us with cuddles and kisses just for treating them decently. So imagine what a dog will do when you save its life. This dog almost drowned in Romania, until a savior came along.


5. Little Dog Settles Argument Between Two Other Dogs Like A Boss!

Don't mess with the little guy. This pup doesn't abide shenanigans and makes sure its dog pals know the deal


6. What This Military Dog Did For Her Handler Is Phenomenal

Dogs can be war heroes, too. This dog literally took bullets for her handlers Afghanistan. Her very grateful human works to make sure her bravery is recognized.


7. Dog Makes Graduation Walk For Deceased Owner

A dog's love can outlast death itself. When Joshua Kelly died just before his college graduation, his service dog Cletus stepped in to represent Josh at the ceremony.

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