NBC Silences Janelle Monae During Black Lives Matter Tribute

The abrupt commercial break during Janelle Monáe's Black Lives Matter tribute on the Today Show has viewers questioning the network's motives.

Was it calculated or coincidence that Janelle Monáe was cut off during her performance on NBC’s Today Show just as she was shouting out the Black Lives Matter movement?

During Friday’s episode of the show, the singer-songwriter performed her new single, “Hell You Talmbout” which has been described as a protest song and tribute in one.

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At the end of the performance, she began to dedicate the song to victims of police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement when the feed abruptly went to commercial.

Monáe was able to get out, “God bless all who've lost lives to police brutality. We want White America to know that we stand tall today. We want Black America to know we stand tall today. We will not be silenced!” before she was silenced and cut off by an anchor speaking over her introducing a commercial break.

Monáe has been openly supportive of the movement and has stood in solidarity with protestors, leading a march just last week in Philadelphia.

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NBC didn’t comment on whether or not the interruption was intentional, but on their website in text accompanying a video of Monáe’s performances they wrote,

“Not everyone ‘gets’ Monáe yet, which is understandable: She’s no cookie-cutter artist and as she admits, she’s constantly changing. ‘I love evolving,’ she told Today between performances. ‘I’m not just one thing and I will never be one thing to any one person. It’s all about being complete and whole. Partying and pondering.’ We like that!”

You be the judge, does it seem like NBC deliberately cut her off or was she just going over her allotted performance time? 

(See interruption at 6:40)

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