Near Death Encounter: Zoo Gorilla Attacks After Girl Beats Her Chest

A gorilla charges and cracks glass at zoo after a little girl beats her chest at him.

A little girl learned her lesson the hard way after experiencing a near death encounter with a gorilla when she beat her chest at him.

The young girl and her family were visiting the two silverbacks at the Henry Doorley Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska. She playfully beat her chest at him and the gorilla, understanding this gesture as an expression of dominance, charged at her and threw himself at the window —cracking the glass of his enclosure.

Reddit user bulldogg9279, who captured the horrifying incident on video, said:

"Shortly before this we were telling the kids they could not break it. They will never believe us again. Sadly the one beating her chest really started crying. I came back a couple of minutes later, and the zoo keepers were telling people to stay away."

The zoo will never be the same for this poor, little girl.

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