Nerd Surprises Strangers In Compton With Mad Rapping Skills

No one expected these nerds to be able to rap so well.

It’s like the YouTube prank-video version of Revenge of the Nerds. Professionals in nerdy disguises surprise unsuspecting individuals with their mad skills despite an appearance that seems to suggest otherwise. That’s what happens when BigDawsTv and rapper Futuristic from Arizona pair up. Futuristic dresses up as a geek complete with thick rimmed glasses, howling wolf shirt tucked into brightly striped swim trunks. His awkward strut and squeaky voice complete the outfit as he approaches individuals walking around in Compton asking them to check out his newest rap song.

The strangers are actually surprisingly willing and even seem somewhat supportive. But the surprised look on their faces once he drops the beat and kills it just goes to show that they were definitely not expecting that caliber of talent. Just goes to show that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Or is it that looking nerdy is the new cool? You decide. 

BigDawsTv is known for doing vids of nerds killing it with their rhymes. Check out his other videos including this one of a white guy free styling to any word that strangers give him. 

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