Nervous Dog Needs To Hold His Owner's Hand In Car (VIDEO)

Somehow the internet doesn’t get over with dogs holding their owner’s hands while travelling.

Previously a cute dog  went viral back in 2012 for almost pleading to hold hands in a car and now another dog has been going viral this week in an almost similar video. 

The video above that has gained more than half a million views was published by Adam Douglas on Monday. It features nervous Tommy whining until his owner holds his paw.

The moment When Adam holds his paw is just super cute.

Here’s what people are talking about the video:




My boxer does this, but with his chin. He likes when his chin is supported.


This is probably the cutest thing ever.


One hand on the camera, one hand on the dog, no hands on the wheel. The dog was probably trying to warn the dude to drive more safely.

Enjoy the cute video above.

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