New Drinking & Driving PSA Will Move You Without Using Tragedy As Selling Point

Grab a tissue box. You’ll need it. Budweiser has a brilliant new commercial out – a public service message against drinking and driving.

The 60-second spot begins a man, Luke, bonding with his dog Cooper over the years.

One night, the pooch whimpers with a glum look on his face when his owner – who, apparently was out drinking with friends – doesn’t come home.

Although the ad doesn’t have a tragic ending – something audiences might expect from an anti-drinking and driving PSA – it is guaranteed to leave you bawling your eyes out.

With “Friends Are Waiting,” Anheuser-Busch uses the special friendship of a guy and his pet dog to deliver the following message:

“Next time you go out, be sure to make a plan to get home safely. Your friends are counting on you.”

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"Friendship, camaraderie and enjoying great times are at the heart of Budweiser's most popular campaigns, and this video maintains that tradition but with an unexpected twist," AdAge quoted Brian Perkins, vice president at Budweiser, as saying.

"Budweiser is known for connecting with beer drinkers in memorable ways, and our efforts to promote responsible drinking through this video are no exception."

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