Chinese Internet Is All About "Duang," But No One Knows What It Means

“Duang” has become “the dress” of Chinese social media even though no one seems to understand it.

Duang, what does it mean?

The Chinese dictionary may soon have to update its list of words because a new Chinese character is spreading through country’s Internet like wildfire and people can’t figure out what it actually means.

The word “duang” is all over the Chinese social media websites. It has appeared more than 8.6 million times on micro-blogging website Weibo and has produced a top trending hashtag, drawing more than 312,000 interactions among thousands of users. In other words, this new character has turned into a certain multicolor dress that gave the Western Internet a meltdown not too long ago.

Speaking of which, the West has also noticed “duang” and since no one quite understands its literal meaning, people have been using it in a variety of sentences. 

The word seems to have a number of meanings in various languages and dialects, but there is no perfect translation available so far. However, there is an origin story circulating the Internet.

Jackie Chan, What does 'duang' mean?

As it appears, the rise of “duang” began with an advertisement starring Honk Kong action hero Jackie Chan.

Chan appeared in herbal shampoo commercial in 2004 where he famously defended his sleek, black hair while rhythmically using the word "duang." The word resurfaced again recently after the actor shared the video on his Weibo page.

In addition to that, the Chinese character used for the word is a combination of Chan’s full name written in Chinese.

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