Hundreds Of Workers Dying To Ready Qatar For 2022 World Cup

The immigrant laborers building the infrastructure for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar are suffering brutal mistreatment, documentary reveals.

After this year's World Cup in Brazil, the next will be held in the wealthy Middle Eastern nation of Qatar in 2022. Well, at least that's the plan, but so far the preparations have been a deadly disaster.

The sport's organizing body, FIFA, has come under fire for selecting the nation. Because of summer temperatures that regularly exceed 100 degrees, the games will have to be played in the winter of '22, wreaking havoc with scheduling and broadcast contracts. Allegations of corruption have also dogged FIFA. Even the organization's president, Sepp Blatter, said "it was a mistake" to hold the championship there.

But those troubles pale in comparison with the plight of the migrant workers that have been hired to build the infrastructure needed for one of the world's largest sporting events. ESPN sent journalists into Qatar to speak with some of those workers, learning that many are kept as virtual prisoners (workers' passports have been confiscated upon arrival) in substandard living conditions. Hundreds have also died laboring long hours in terrible heat. Check out a preview of ESPN's documentary, "E:60:Trapped in Qatar," in the clip above.

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