Drinking Game Neknominate Has Authorities Baffled In Australia

Authorities in Australia have a new problem on their hands, and its epicenter is an outrageous social media trend, #neknominate.

Authorities in Australia have a new problem on their hands, and its epicenter is an outrageous social media trend, #neknominate.

A social media trend causing problems for the authorities?

Yes, #neknominate is a game in which you have to gulp down an alcoholic drink, do something extremely crazy, and then nominate one of your friends to top your insane actions. The last step of the stunt involves posting the video clip of your act online and voila! -- #neknominate is done.

Check out some of the grossest and wildest #neknominate moments that have been making the rounds on social media. To begin with, take a look at this guy whose pals help him drink beer from a toilet. That’s right! The beer is first sloshed into the toilet; the guy then puts his face in it, does the drinking and then challenges his friends to do better.

Have the appetite for more craziness? Look at what this guy’s friends do to him:

Check out this Borat-style half naked guy too:

And then there is this guy, who chugs an entire glass of beer while driving.

Drinking and wakeboarding at once….


Ever wished for a beer delivery system?

This guy introduced nine bongs to the mix:

Former Aussie PM Bob Hawke joined in on the fun too:


This dangerous new trend that encourages fast and furious drinking first emerged in the UK last year but got the most popular among young Australian males – who have since contributed excessively and recklessly to its rise.

Director of the University of NSW's National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, Professor Michael Farrell says the increased use of alcohol and the insane stunts that follow are no laughing matter and could produce unpleasant consequences.

In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, he said: “It's like Jackass and that type of wild behaviour, and it's not necessarily very impressive. The main issue is the question of scale and context. In general it looks like it could get people into a lot of trouble, with a lot of pressure to drink. It's competitive, heavy drinking, and that tends to end up with people coming to serious grief through alcohol poisoning. It isn't a thing to be encouraged at all.”

So check the video posted above and have a laugh if you want, but don’t try any of it yourself.

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