‘Don't Let Labels Hold You Back’ Says New Pantene Commercial Fighting Gender Stereotypes (VIDEO)

When we talk about how women are treated at workplaces, we’ll see that gender bias is extremely common. Personality traits that are seen positively in men are usually seen as a negative in women.

Keeping this gender discrimination in focus, Pantene Philippines' new Ad has been created with the main idea of putting an end to ‘Labels Against women’.

YouTube description of the advertisement reads:

It’s time we put an end to labels against women.
Pantene believes that when you stand strong, you shine.”

Set to the tune of “Mad World”, the powerful commercial shows how exactly women are discriminated against men in a workplace. Where male workers are appreciated at offices for being 'persuasive' and 'dedicated', female workers are referred to as 'pushy' and 'selfish' figures.

This extraordinary commercial was released last month but it has just gone viral and people are referring it to as an 'inspiring' and 'extraordinary' commercial on social media.

Watch the powerful Pantene Philippines Ad above that has gained more than one million views on YouTube.

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