This Is Why All Human Beings Do Not Have Cancer

May, 20, 2014: If the causes of cancer are so common, how is it that we don’t all have cancer?

Folks over at the popular YouTube science channel Vsauce never fail to impress us with their surprisingly simple and stimulating explanations of complex scientific phenomena. This time around, with the aid of Cancer Research UK, they chose to discuss cancer.

Let’s first consider what cancer really is. Simply put, cancer may be defined as a disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in any part of the human body. It can also travel through one part of the body to the other through blood and lymph systems.

In the video, Michael Stevens takes us through the journey of human cell reproduction and how mutation can cause cells to rapidly divide, turning into cancer. This leads us to the inevitable question, what causes cancer?

Normal cells become cancerous due to DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) damage. The damage causes the cells to divide rapidly, making new cells that the body doesn’t need. The abnormal DNA can be inherited, or caused by mistakes that occur during cell reproductions.

Environmental factors also play a huge role in the development of cancer. Cigarette smoking and exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause such abnormal reproduction.In most cases, the cancer cells form some sort of a lump or tumor that can spread into other parts of the human body.

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