New York Times Makes Front Page Blunder On Ebola Story

Even the giants err. The following is the NYT front page:

A front-page mistake is bad enough, but it's even worse to slip up where Ebola is concerned. The Grey Lady did, even if it's just in print. Apparently the recent layoffs  are backfiring. New hires need more time to learn the ropes, as well as spelling.

Speaking of President Obama, during the 2012 elections, a Dutch tabloid was caught being "too ready" for the results:

If you are baffled by the weird layout, don’t be. The Amsterdam-based daily Spits decided to play safe by printing two front pages side by side with two potential outcomes of election. To give the editors their due, they did mark each page with a cautionary note, "If [the other candidate] won, skip page," but unfortunately were ignored.

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Mistakes are easy to make; to err is human, after all. But for a publication like the New York Times, we'd expect a more thorough editing job, especially since it's the second front-page error in the last few months.


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