New Zoo Footage Of Adorable Baby Snow Leopard

Meet the newest leader in the “cutest thing ever” internet contest.

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Meet the newest leader in the “cutest thing ever” internet contest. Today, the Dudley Zoo released its first footage of an eight-week old snow leopard, which is one of the rarest (and snuggliest) animals on Earth. You can see the news report on the baby snow leopard here.

The cub, still only known as “Cub X,” has remained out of contact with any humans since birth. There is a fear that humans could pass infections to the young cub, a risk the zoo would rather not take.

Unlike Pandas, Snow Leopard actually like mating, but have trouble in the wild due to poaching, and generally dangerous living condition. Many snow leopards live in areas formerly torn apart by war, and still-active land mines are a constant threat to their already endangered population.

I’m sorry for placing the image of a snow leopard being blown up by a land mine into your head. Go watch the zoo footage again to feel better.

No one knows whether the cub is male or female. That important factor will come out when Cub X is first handled and receives its kitty shots. The cub is adorable, but in the video it can be seen chomping down on a big cut of meat. Exotic cats are the only things on earth that are completely adorable, but also can murder you.

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