10 Things That Look Suspiciously Like Nicolas Cage

This is weirdly awesome. Let’s take our unhealthy obsession with Nicolas Cage one step further.

#1: This toy with blonde hair looks like Nicolas Cage:

#2: So does this Joe Flacco stuffed doll:

#3: Along with this species of eagle:

Close enough?

#4: Does this Santa Claus remind you of someone?

Yep, it’s him.

#5: This character on the cover of this book looks like a water-color version of Cage:

#6: Canadian Singer Serena Ryder looks like a perfect doppelganger:

#7: This sun on someone’s tapestry looks like him:

Doesn’t it?

#8: Or maybe this painting?

#9: Or this man taking a selfie?

#10: Well, hands down Lieutenant G.B. Smith really does look like Nicolas Cage:

Mr. Smith was a Confederate prisoner in 1864.