Nissan Skyline With Heat Sensitive Color Changing Paint Is Awesome (VIDEO)

The Nissan Skyline R33 is one hot ride but Darrel Poole gave his Skyline a special heat sensitive paint job to make it an even hotter sports car.

The video above demonstrates that by pouring cold water, the color of the car would instantly change from orange to purple.
It’s like a magic car. Isn’t it awesome?

Here’s what people are talking about it.


Orange is the new black.


I thought the coolest part was where it turned black.


This would be a nightmare for finding your car. "F*ck... It was orange when I parked it..."


This is what happens when all the kids who grew up playing with HotWheels finally started purchasing real cars.


It would be cool to see it being driven. I wonder how much of the car would turn black.

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