#NoMakeUpSelfie Is The Biggest Sham

Is there any point to the #NoMakeUpSelfie trend if you still look good? Putting up pictures with no makeup is as good as a paint-filled photograph.

The #NoMakeUpSelfie trend is rampant on Twitter and Instagram. Girls (primarily) all over the world upload pictures of themselves sans make up, and while the premise of this trend rests on embracing the natural self, it is rendered no different from makeup- plastered selfies.

Yes, the #NoMakeUpSelfie trend is made up of logical incompatibilities. What heralded as a motion against the ubiquitous makeup-mired understanding of beauty is no different from the very cause its existence rests upon.  

In other words, ladies and gentlemen, what once symbolized global disillusionment against the partisan and categorically one-dimensional understanding of ‘beauty’ is doomed to the same conventional perceptions of what constitutes acceptable appearance.  

Recently, Zooey Deschanel performed the ‘brave’ feat of uploading a picture of herself on Instagram saying “Good morning! #nomakeup #nofilter.” Her selfie was instantly hailed with terms as “brave” “beautiful” “inspirational” and while she may be all those things, does this photograph really warrant all those things? It’s just a funny photograph.

We are in no way blaming Zooey, she’s a great looking gal, who seems to have a pretty neat personality too. The problem lies with the trite #NoMakeUpSelfie.

What’s wrong with the #NoMakeUpSelfie? The people in ‘em look pretty darn good.  The women in these selfies go to painstaking lengths to perfect the “no makeup look” and will only share such a photo where they look good, if not better, without the makeup on.

The point being made here: what about those of us who may not look that great without makeup? These no makeup selfies of women looking better than ever without makeup, makes a lot of people feel pretty crappy.

While the no-makeup selfie certainly heralded a global protest against it, we didn’t realize that it was mired in contradictions.

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