Daily Mail's Anti-Refugee Cartoon Looks A Lot Like Nazi Propaganda

A political cartoon published in the Daily Mail was the talk of Twitter, but for all the wrong reasons.

A very offensive anti-refugee political cartoon was published by the Daily Mail today and people were absolutely not okay with it. 

The cartoon took a page out of the Nazi handbook by depicting Muslims as rats similar to the propaganda distributed back in 1939 that showed Jews as the same unpleasant rodents being "swept" out of Germany. 

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Anti Refugee Cartoon

British cartoonist Stanley "Mac" McMurtry is responsible for today's sketch which includes a man in a tunic carrying a mat, presumably for praying. Just past him, is a silhouette of a woman in a hijab walking toward a sign that reads "Welcome to Europe,"  "open borders" and "the free movement of people."

Among the crowd of overtly stereotypical Muslim characters are rats running between their feet. 

Daily Mail Anti-Refugee Cartoon

The cartoon didn't get by without backlash for its insensitivity. Social media users condemned the publication for making such a derogatory comparison and for resurrecting the hateful Nazi cartoon that conveyed a similar message.   

Following the terrorist attacks in Paris, France on Nov. 13 and some U.S. states threatening to deny refugees as a result, the Daily Mail cartoon only solidifies the Islamophobic attitude people are shamelessly taking on. 

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