No Parent In Sight: Kid Goes On Rampage, Destroys Dollar Store

Where is mom, dad, anyone? Whoa - employees at this dollar store are having a bad day!

Some little punk walks around the entire store throwing stuff around, knocking over shelves and tearing up any item that catches his eye. 

A flabbergasted store patron films the craziness and is threatened by the kid when he tries to intervene.  Told that the police are on their way, the rampage continues.  (For full commentary interpretation, check out this Reddit thread where the video was originally posted) 

Finally, the kid is dragged out of the store and intensive clean-up can begin.

Is this kid a straight-up criminal or a child in need of help? If it's the latter, let's hope he gets the intervention he needs to live an anger and vandalism-free life! 




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