No, THIS Is The Most Ridiculous Basketball Shot Ever! (Video)

Sometimes sports go from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Okay, first just watch the video, then we'll talk.

What kills me about this is not that the shot went in--obviously that's why the internet deemed that we should see this, but there's so much more here. First, this kid's ridiculous grin as he takes the shot. He was clearly planning this, and he was clearly delighted with himself. There are adults in attendance, and the kids are wearing uniforms, so this is some kind of league game. They have referees. Maybe two local JV teams facing off?

Then there's what happens after. The game seems to stop, or at least it does as far as the video goes. So, one might assume this was a buzzer beater, but that doesn't jive with the moments prior to the shot. No one is rushing the way you would if there only a few seconds left. Maybe they have a special rule about backwards half court shots ending the game?

These questions will probably go unanswered, but what we do know one thing: this kid is now famous, and he got there by being brave and hilarious, which is more than most famous people can say.

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