‘No Woman, No Drive’: Saudi Rendition Of Bob Marley Song Mocks Kingdom’s Ban On Female Drivers (VIDEO)

Saudi Arabia, a conservative Islamic nation besides being famous for its vast amounts of oils, is also known around the world for banning women from common freedoms, such as driving a car.

Recently, a new movement has been started in the kingdom against these laws. Saudi women are now fighting for their freedom by bravely taking the wheel, risking imprisonment and other dangerous penalties.

Social activist and comedian Hisham doesn’t understand these laws that ban simple rights from women. So to poke fun at the regulations, he recorded a humorous Bob Marley parody, entitled ‘No Woman No Drive’ and posted it on YouTube.

Fageeh’s satirical version of Marley’s ‘No Woman, No Cry’ is totally trending on the internet and it has been viewed more than 140,000 times.

Here’s what people are commenting on it.


Your feet are your only carriage, genius. Very well done.


Having been born in Saudi Arabia, I find this very humorous!


Fun fact, women are allowed to fly an airplane but not allowed to drive to the airport.


I definitely chuckled. Always interesting to see people use unorthodox ways to highlight problems.


This is how societies start to change: when they make jokes about themselves pointing out how backward their old ways are. I encourage this, and I found the humor refreshing. Keep it up Hishaam.

Watch the Saudi parody that mocks the Kingdom for its conservative laws, above.

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