'Apparently Kid' Plus Puppies In The Most Adorable Ad Ever

Apparently, viral video fame pays off for the Noah Ritter, the 'Apparently Kid.'

Proving just how lucrative a viral video can be, the "Apparently Kid" is pulling in a real paycheck at just 5 years old.

The gods of 15 minutes of viral fame tapped Noah Ritter this summer when his impromptu interview at a Pennsylvania county fair stormed the Web. 

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People were so taken with his obsession with "apparently" (and being on live TV) that his interview got an auto-tune remix.

Noah also got a commercial gig. Check out his debut for Freshpet and what happens when a pile of puppies and Noah collide. 

Just don't saddle him with "apparently" forever. Noah made it clear to Ellen Degeneres this week he's over apparently and has a new favorite word. Yes, seriously. 

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