North Korean Propaganda Movie ‘How Americans Live Today’ Is Meant To Be Hilarious (video)


Just last week a North Korean propaganda video went viral over the internet. North Korea is already everywhere in the news for its ‘nuclear war’ threats to South Korea and the U.S. but this video has brought somewhat a comic relief to the situation.

Turns out, this propaganda video which has been translated by British travel writer Alun Hill is actually meant to be hilarious. Many websites had published the video’s English translation in their news section without even noticing that Hill had mentioned in the description that it was comic rather than serious.

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While North Korean script in the video in its opening frame says ‘Capitalist Society Growing Darker’, Hill has jokingly translated it as ‘How Americans Live Today’.

The video features hyperbolic scenes describing how Americans have been forced into poverty due to the failure of ‘European Democracy’.

Check out the video above and share your comments.

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