These Advertisements Have An Urgent Message To Get Across

June 23, 2014: Warning, graphic content. A rather disturbing road safety public service announcement from Northern Ireland is doing rounds on the Internet.

The distressing advert, showing a speeding car losing control and flipping into a group of children at a picnic, is so distressing that it has been banned from television screens until after 9 p.m.

Since 2000 in Northern Ireland, accidents caused by speeding cars have taken lives of 28 children – enough to fill a primary school classroom.

The PSA above was posted on popular social networking service, Reddit, where a user pointed out that Northern Ireland – much like New Zealand – often comes up with such intense road safety adverts. Inspired by the post, other Redditors started posting some of the most powerful safe driving messages from their countries.

New Zealand:

Released by New Zealand Transport Agency, it shows how a simple mistake on the road can lead to irreversible loss.


Called “Embrace Life,” this video is a short British public information film that was made in 2010 for the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership to highlight the importance of wearing seat belts.

The United States of America:

The U.S. Department of Transportation shows how thousands of people die every year in crashes related to distracted driving. It also explains why cops write tickets to people who text while driving – to save lives.


This advert from Mexico depicts the dangers of driving while intoxicated with the help of a disturbing analogy of shooting people with guns.

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