College Basketball Player Awarded Surprise Scholarship In Front Of His Team (VIDEO)

Fatimah Mazhar

Northwestern University basketball player James Montgomery III received a surprise scholarship from his college coach Chris Collins. The announcement video was uploaded on YouTube which has gone viral over the internet.

Montgomery, a walk-on with Northwestern basketball team for two years, failed to enter the squad in his freshman year and ended up practicing with the women's team to stay focused on the game while pursuing his mechanical engineering degree.

Later on, Montgomery‘s hard work was acknowledged and appreciated by the women’s team coach, who helped him to join the men’s team as a sophomore.

On Tuesday, his new coach, Collins, called Montgomery in front of the whole team and announced that his excellent performance had earned him a full basketball scholarship.

After team practice, the ecstatic player passed on the big news to his mother and sister, which is undoubtedly the best part of the video.

Do watch it.