Physics Professor Shoots Himself For The Love Of Science

A Norwegian physics professor tried to prove a scientific theory by doing a highly risky experiment on himself and recording it with a slow-mo camera.

A physics professor shot himself underwater in an effort to explain a scientific principal.

Physicist Andreas Wahl’s experiment was an attempt to explain that as water is much denser than air, the bullet will lose momentum and fall to the ground long before hitting him. His explained in his video that he was not putting himself in any danger at all.

“It's harder to create movement in water than in air, because water molecules are closer together than air molecules,” Wahl writes in his YouTube video description.

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Wahl set up a gun underwater and attached a string to the trigger so that he could pull it himself. A camera focused on the scene was placed nearby to record the whole experiment.

To prove his theory, Wahl fired the weapon.

The slow motion camera captured the exact moment the bullet exited the gun’s muzzle — and as Wahl predicted, it only traveled a fraction of the way before curving down and falling to the swimming pool floor.

Hence, the professor’s theory that resistance in the water is much higher than air (and which was already proven true years ago) was re-affirmed.

This isn’t the first time Wahl has put his life at risk for the love of science. Just a few weeks earlier, the mad scientist let himself fall from a 14-meter drop to prove the principles of centripetal force. You can watch the video below

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