When Norwegian Soldiers Combine, The Amazing Happens

May, 19, 2014: The Norwegian Army's Kings Guard have outdone all forms of synchronized activities with this display.

Large groups of people performing the same routine in perfect synchronization are a regular sight in the movies, thanks to CGI. When it comes to real life though, it's rare. Even in professional dance squads, there is that one loose cannon, that weak link, who is relegated to the back rows.

However, when it comes to Norwegian Army's Royal Guards, there are no such mishaps. They perform their drills in perfect synchronization with each other. So similar their movements are that it seems they are all just the cloned versions of one guy.

Called His Majesty The King's Guard, this special battalion consists of the very best soldiers from the Norwegian Army who are responsible for protecting their king. Actually, they truly excel in the battlefield. This is just a byproduct of their tremendous discipline.

Like this Norwegian bunch, Thailand's army is also famous for similar drills and synchronized routines. So while you're at it, check them out too:

Here is some more Thai show-off:

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