NYPD Cop’s Hilarious Attempt To Control Broadway Bomb’s Longboard Skaters Caught On Camera In Manhattan (Video)


The video shows a flustered NYPD blue unable to deal with a large number of long skateboarders who swarmed Broadway in Manhattan. The skateboarders were part of the flash mob brought together by the Broadway Bomb.

Broadway Bomb has been bringing more than 2,500 long-board skaters to New York City annually for an eight-mile run from West 116th Street to the Charging Bull in the Financial District since 2000.

The massive annual skateboard ride through Manhattan is organized through the social media. The boarders try to avoid posting the date until a day or two before the event to avoid the wrath of law enforcement officials, but the police found out anyway and was ready for them. Well, almost.

Every year the NYPD tries to control the crowd and relieve the city from the onslaught of thousands of skateboarders.

This particular video shows the cop using orange netting and trying to control the skaters, but to no avail. Some Benny Hill music added to the video of this futile attempt makes it a must watch.

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