OK Go’s New Music Video Will Make You Question Reality

June, 18, 2014: For best results, view this video in high definition and full screen.

Over the years, alternative rock band Ok Go has carved out a niche for themselves with their intricately choreographed and incredibly innovative music videos. With their iconic treadmill dance and the Rube Goldberg machine, it seemed unlikely that the band could up their game.

They just did with this production.

The band’s video of their latest single, The Writing's On the Wall, makes the viewers question their imagination. The video features the band members moving through a Brooklyn lot, making their way through a series of optical illusions, camera tricks, and repeatedly shattering our perceptions of reality.

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The video, which looks like it’s done in one take, is directed by Aaron Duffy and Bob Partington, and co-directed by the band’s frontman Damian Kulash, Jr. It finds inspiration from the geometric paintings of artists like Felice Varini and Dan Tobin-Smith.

There is more to the video than just pretty visuals. The illusions symbolize the misunderstandings of two people stuck in a bad relationship. The way we see an illusion may be similar to the video’s core message, which appears in writing in the bridge section: "I think I understand you, but I don't."

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The Writing's On the Wall will be featured on the band’s fourth album Hungry Ghosts which will be released in October 2014.

If you, by any chance, were unaware of the band’s equally awesome previous videos, check them out here:

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