Old Navy Lands Itself In Hot Water With New T-Shirts For Kids

Old Navy tries to get creative and ends up insulting all creative people instead.

Clothing companies often land themselves in a mess when they try to go out of the way to make a statement.

It just happened again with Old Navy when they introduced a bunch of T-shirts for kids that read “Young Aspiring Artist.” However, the word “artist” was shamelessly struck through and replaced with other occupations such as “President “and “Astronaut.”

The clothing items soon caught the ire of the Internet and Old Navy faced immediate repercussions as people lashed out at the company. Numerous tweets poured in, critiquing the brand for conditioning children into not wanting to be artists.

And this one was the winner.

This isn’t the first time a brand has come into the spotlight for doing something like this. Earlier in 2013, the Children’s Place came up with shirts that read “Born to Wear Diamonds” while another checked off "My Best Subjects" as music, shopping and dancing, leaving off math.

Recently, Target even landed itself in hot water for printing T-shirts with “Trophy” written across the chest and was criticized for playing into sexist stereotypes.

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One can only hope that Old Navy will come up with a good enough excuse to cover up for what they’ve done and gain back the public’s love and acceptance soon enough. Mistakes like this can sometimes snowball into a headache brands fighting for every consumer dollar can ill afford. 

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