Neighborhood Makes Widow’s Holiday Season Special With Kind Gesture

A group of kind neighbors came together to make a woman's holidays extremely special with a sweet surprise.

The loss of a loved one leaves a lasting mark on people, something Natalie Conkel from San Lorenzo, California, knows all too well. Conkel lost her husband five years ago, after which she never celebrated Christmas with the fervor she used to previously.

This was the first year since that Conkel decided to finally celebrate the festive season, illuminating her house with decorations and lights. Hardly a week later, they were gone, stolen by thieves.

The widow was understandably extremely upset. However, her neighbors couldn't stand for the Grinch-like thieves to come out on top, and they decided to something really special for her.

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Leslie Lewis, who lives in the neighborhood, took charge of the situation and circulated an idea on social media to not only replace the stolen lights, but also make Conkel’s house really glitter. 

While the Conkel was out for lunch with her son, a group of neighbors came together and decorated the house to surprise her when she returned.

"We've been like little elves, decorating everything and now we're just waiting for them to come home," said Debi Rico.

As Conkel returned home on Tuesday she was delighted to see her entire house lit up and a bunch of neighbors singing Christmas carols for her, showering her with flowers, gifts and cards.

The kind neighbors didn’t stop there. They even handed her $300 to pay off the electricity bill for the month.

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