Optical Illusion: Is There A Photograph In This Image Or Not? (Photo)

The photo will definitely make you look at it twice before coming to a conclusion.

The photo will definitely make you look at it twice before coming to a conclusion.

Optical Illusion

Photograph? No photograph? Confused? Don’t worry; you are not the only one. This picture has actually boggled the minds of most of the Redditors as well.

Posted by user, kosen13, a few hours ago on Reddit, this photo has gained multiple comments and has also been shared several times.

The photo which features two hands on a railing and  scenery in front actually has a pretty awesome optical illusion hidden in it. Initially it seems that someone is actually holding a photograph between these two rocks, just like those past and present photos.

Redditor [–]realnigga4lyfe explained:

The rocks in the foreground make an almost perfectly straight border around the background, so it looks like the hands are holding a picture

EDIT: also the sharp linear contrast between the top of the rocks in the background and the sky is what really makes it look like a photo

The striking illusion is confusing to many; some agreed they see a photograph and some denied. Check out a few of the responses.


My brain kept switching from "Its a photo" to "Its not a photo" and now i have a headache :(

That is what I thought, I did not see the headline before clicking the link and I at first thought it was one of those past/present pictures.


I don't see it either...just looks like someone with their hands on a railing and looking at a bay or something.....


Can't see it as a photo or the actual rocks?


If you look closely, you'll realize that the hands are holding the railing, and then the image makes sense.

And for those who knew from the very beginning that there’s no photograph.


So, were you able to see a photograph or not? Let us know with your comments.

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