Oreo Nails It Again With Pope Themed Ad

Oreo, burgeoned by the success of their Super Bowl blackout ad, launched a pope-themed ad that will be hungrily spread by chumps like me.

Oreo capitalized on a big current event once again (though this one, unlike the Super Bowl blackout, they could have seen coming) with a clever ad. In the rolling health craze of modern times, Oreo has used social media to stay relevant in clever ways. Their Super Bowl ad was declared the biggest winner of the Super Bowl, and now, this:


The genius of this campaign is it makes an old product current, and it's tons of public exposure for Oreo for something close to free. I mean, look at me: I haven't had an Oreo in years, and I hear I am, giving them free ad space. Well played oreo, well played.

Now, to cleanse my karma, hey America! Eat some salad!

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