Reporter Makes Oklahoma Students Instant Internet Sensation

These Oklahoma college students, who met on a flight, have a news reporter to thank for their 15 minutes of fame.

Martina Del Bonta

When Fox23 reporter Martina Del Bonta was waiting at the airport terminal to board her plane, she overheard two Oral Roberts University students striking up a conversation. She saw that as an opportunity to eavesdrop on the couple’s private chat and started tweeting about it to while away the time.

But very soon she became invested as people from her workplace requested that she keep reporting the couple’s awkward attempts at flirting. As the couple’s conversation progressed and Del Bonta discovered they had similar interests, she started feeling excited on their behalf as evidenced by the tweets below:

She even managed to snap a picture of both of them, although  it turned out  quite blurry and stilted.

The Fox reporter started a poll asking her Twitterati whether the boy will manage to get the girl’s number at the end of the flight. With the aid of her co-conspirators, she managed to form the hashtag of #ORUSingle.

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Over the course of the flight, her tweets to the media relations department at ORU requesting a date for the couple succeeded in getting them free tickets for a concert, pizza and a dinner from SouthWest Airlines.

By the time the couple picked up their luggage, they had already read the tweets and agreed to go on a date.

Friends and family of the duo retweeted Del Bonta’s post, told her about the two students’ relationship status and thanked the reporter for looking out for them during the flight.

To check out the details of the incident, visit Martina Del Bonta’s Twitter profile.

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