Owl Man Teaches Curious Photographers a Lesson At Abandoned Hospital

May, 28, 2014: It was about time someone taught these camera-laden creatures a lesson.

Abandoned places often incite curiosity among photographers who then swarm these places for creepy photos. At first, this fad was cool, but it has been overdone so much that now these creatures with cameras around their necks are more despised than the ghosts themselves.

To teach these horror hunters a lesson, the makers of last year's Scottish horror film Lords of Tears hid a man wearing an Owl Man costume inside the abandoned St. Mary's Children Hospital. It didn't take long for the first mark to show up, and it didn't take long for him to stumble upon the terrifying Owl Man either. To find out what happened next in this prank, check the video up top.

Directed by Lawrie Brewster,Lord of Tears is an indie movie that came out in October, 2013. It received largely positive reviews and even won a few local awards, but remains an unknown entity outside Scotland. To gain some post-release traction, its makers have gotten active online, and this prank is just a part of their overall social media strategy.

This is what they did to Chatroulette users back in January:

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