Owner Destroys BMW In Germany As Protest (VIDEO)

German businessman Hadi Pourmohseni owned a BMW M6. Unfortunately for Hadi, his BMW was giving him severe mechanical problems which none of the BMW service centers could solve. But that is not where disgruntled Hadi’s problems ended, when the problem wasn’t fixed, neither BMW Italy nor BMW Germany wanted to take responsibilities for the alleged faults.
After spending so much time going back and forth, Hadi Pourmohseni decided to protest in his own unique way: by destroying the car with a sledgehammer and an axe at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week. But that’s not all. After destroying his BMW M6 with a sledgehammer, he will be repairing the car at his own expense and plans on destroying it again in front of the German National Parliament in Berlin.
Check out this rage filled video of Hadi Pourmohseni destroying his BMW M6 with a sledge hammer.

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