Mommy Turns Her Daughter's Doodles Into Paintings

A professional painter's collaboration with a two-year-old is nothing like any art form you've ever seen.

We often see musicians collaborate with each other to produce work that contains the best of both worlds, but the same is not an everyday occurrence in the art form of painting.

Rarely do we see painters fuse their talents for a master class. So when Ruth Oosterman decided to team up with a fellow painter for her new series, she knew that the project could be tough – even more so because the aspiring painter she was collaborating with was none other than her two-year-old daughter Eve.

What Oosterman does is that she first lets Eve do her thing with a paint brush, and then later turns those incomprehensible scribbles into meaningful drawings. Of course, the remnants of Eve's doodles are still there once her mommy is done with her bit, which makes this collaboration unique and all the more impressive.

That's Eve:

And that's her mommy:

To view more of Ruth Oosterman's art work, head on over to her website or Facebook page.

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