Panda Fakes Pregnancy To Escape Scorching Summer Heat

One clever panda in Taiwan is believed to have purposely faked being pregnant for better living conditions at the Taipei Zoo.

This Taiwanese panda bear was clearly fed up with her lifestyle at the Taipei Zoo and decided to take matters into her own hands.

Researchers believe that she intentionally faked a pregnancy for special treatment from the zoo staff and extra food.

Yuan Yuan, an 11-year-old panda started showing signs of pregnancy in June such as decreased appetite, increasing levels of fecal progesterone and thickening around the uterus but when she was given an ultrasound experts found that she wasn’t actually pregnant at all.

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Researchers suggest that Yuan Yuan faked her symptoms in order to secure an air conditioned room at the zoo and extra meals in addition to personal attention from the handlers. Yuan Yuan is thought to have cleverly adapted her behaviors after seeing other pregnant pandas.

Taiwanese panda

Yuan Yuan also most likely drew upon her past experience being pregnant as she gave birth to a male cub back in 2013.

This is not the first case of a panda faking her pregnancy. A similar situation occurred last summer when a panda named Ai Hin - held at the Chengdu Breeding Research Centre – showed physical and hormonal signs of pregnancy, but had no baby cub in her belly.

A live broadcast was planned to capture the birth which later had to be canceled upon discovering the false alarm.

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Can you really blame these pandas? Who wouldn’t take a lesson from Yuan Yuan and Ai Hin to try to get some AC when you’re trapped in a zoo with a bunch of other bears in scorching summer heat?  

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