Watch The Crazy Moment When Paragliders' Rope Is Snapped In Midair

A freak summer storm turned two Britishers' paragliding experience a matter of life and death.

A paragliding mishap very nearly claimed the lives of a pair of British brother and sister in Malta.

Twenty-year-old Anthony Nisbet and his 17-year-old sister Grace were paragliding at Malta's famous Ghadira beach when a surprise storm hit the boat that was towing them.

The two siblings were left hanging to the parasail in midair as the boat below them struggled to cope with the storm's force.

People immediately rushed towards the boat to bring it under control but the wind proved too powerful for the parasail rope with which Anthony and Grace's glider was attached.

"We didn’t immediately realise the danger when we were up there," Anthony told the Times of Malta. "We were joking around about the bit in Jurassic Park when the paraglider detaches from the boat. We were more worried about the people down in the boat than us. Then the rope snapped and I kept shouting to me sister to try to land on her feet."

As the rope got detached from the boat, the glide and the two siblings free floated and the crowd filming the incident shrieked in anticipation of the tragic outcome.

Luckily, the glide landed in bushes and the British pair escaped the ordeal with nothing more than a few minor injuries.

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