Nightmare: Worm Erupts From A Spider's Body VIDEO

We're pretty sure you cannot unsee this and it's likely to give you some nightmares...

From their hairy bodies to their rippling legs, spiders can strike terror into anybody's heart!

A recently released video which shows a giant parasitic worm bursting from the body of a huge Australian arachnid may push arachnophobes over the edge.

The video was filmed by YouTuber BaskWith2 in Australia and shows the grotesque combination of a giant parasitic worm emerging from the body of dead spider.

The roundworm erupts from the spider in a spiral shape, before unfurling to look like a strand of wriggling whole meal spaghetti. The parasite appears to be over 15 times longer than the spider's body and around the same size as the arachnid's abdomen.

Dave Clarke, Head of Invertebrates at ZSL London Zoo said, "This is a Mermithid nematode worm, a parasite of arthropods."

"The worm would have emerged at some point soon anyway but was obviously annoyed by the spraying of the spider. The size of the worm is shockingly large in proportion to the body size of the host."

Check out what happens once the worm is out of the spider's body.

And guess what? It’s not the spiders that get affected by the worm, people can get roundworm, swallowing its microscopic eggs or by touching contaminated soil.