Parents Get Inked To Make Their Daughter Smile

What would you do to help your child? Most parents will go to any measure necessary to protect their children.

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These parents decided to mark themselves permanently to make their child feel better.

Honey-Rae Phillips was born with red birthmarks covering her legs. Now, at 18 months, the marks have crept up her right-side, and seem as though they will grow with her.

Her bold parents, in order to make her feel loved for the rest of her life, decided to take a huge step and get Honey-Rae's birthmarks tattooed on their bodies as well.

Although little Honey-Rae might not be old enough to understand it right now, her mother, Tanya Phillips, told the Mirror that the toddler laughs every time she sees that her and her parents 'match'.

Tanya said that it's been difficult for their daughter, having to cover her up whenever they went outside. The one time they put shorts on Tanya, an older couple began whispering about her. Honey-Rae's parents are afraid of how children might be when she gets older, and although they will surely teach her to be tough, they gave her something much more than words can provide.

Now, Honey-Rae and her loving parents will forever be held together. Just as birthmarks are permanent, so are tattoos, and that bond will keep the little family stronger than ever.

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