Parents Turn Their Kids' Disabilities Into Awesome Halloween Costumes

Halloween is usually known for being scary, but this year it's also inspiring.

Happy Halloween!

The time has come once again for children all over this great land to don the costume of their choice, flocking from house to house in their relentless pursuit of artificial flavors and red-dye-number-five.

For most, the idea of wearing something silly and walking the neighborhood street with their friends is not something they would ever consider a challenge. For some, however, this holiday can be a time where they feel very left out and marginalized.

Physically disabled children may find Halloween a more difficult holiday to enjoy, but the parents of these four kids refused to let their physical differences keep them from having an awesome time trick-or-treating.

Check it out.

Never Tell Him The Odds

This is definitely a Star Wars year and this child’s parents refused to let his cerebral palsy keep him from participating in all the fun!

E.J. The D.J. Is Spinning Monster Mash All Night

This is merely the latest in a long line of awesome costumes 20-year-old E.J.  Spellman has worn. He has been a vampire, a Humvee with a soldier, and a Game of Thrones character in prior years.

S.H.I.E.L.D. To The Rescue

S.H.I.E.L.D. may have fallen from grace in the Marvel universe (hail Hydra), but this kid’s costume shines in the real world. A California art teacher, who drove 12 hours to deliver it, built this costume.

Heroes come in many different forms.

AT-AT’s Beware

This is another Star Wars costume, but it is one worth mentioning for sure. The costume comes equipped with working blasters that shoot glow-in-the-dark NERF darts.

This costume won’t just let this seven-year-old keep up with his friends. This costume will make them jealous.

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These costumes are a great reminder that Halloween is not about scary monsters, or getting wasted. It is about making sure kids all over the country get to have a great time and eat way too much candy.

No matter who they are. 

Banner Image Credit: @DailyDot on Instagram

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